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Entry #36

A Christmas Plug, by Ghost of Christmas Present

12/23/13 by test-object
Updated 12/23/13

(Warning; the floor may or may not collapse from under your feet.)

















Hello there, Scrooge! Allow me to introduce myself; I am the Ghost of NG Present! I will take you to the Art Forum household. They are currently celebrating, for Christmas has  arrived! It's so joyous, it almost makes me forget about the charges filed against me. I swear, I had no idea what those 2 monstruous children underneath my robes were doing there! HA HA HAAAA!

Turkey Tim has been hard at work to bring you the Holiday Worm! Can't you feel the warmth of so many people joining together to make something that will spark your heart? They are welcoming you into their midst, yet you decide to sit back and not watch it for it is not an actual game?! Don't be silly, Scrooge! Spare a moment to enjoy the art collab filled with Easte...Christmas eggs!

Also, if you remain to be a greedy grump and don't spare some 5's, Turkey Tim will die of tuberculosis...

HA HA HA HA HAAA! Seeya'll next year, and remember: God Bless Us, Every One!


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More like Christmas puds, rather than Christmas eggs. :P

But seriously, that thing looks awesome -- I was just so thrilled to see it released. Also, I loved the two pictures you gave (the train one especially!)