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Your Average Millennial Sob Story (Please Read and Share)

2017-05-04 09:08:17 by test-object

Hey there, Newgrounds. It's been a long time since I made a news post, so here I am to sort of give you the backstory and to shamelessly selfpromote.



Before about half a year ago, I had been working at a nearby audiovisual company. They were a friendly employer, but the stress was getting increasingly hard to deal with. I had to be available almost 24/7, often worked on unnanounced projects and a lot of what I had to do was web programming (which is something I only have a base knowledge of). The pressure was getting to me and this all culminated in a small, but meaningful mess I had made in 1 of the 'sudden' projects.

Long story short; about half a year ago, I both quit + lost my job and finding a new one has proven a massive bitch. In order to stop some of the financial bleeding, I am open to do some freelance stuff. For example; I opened up a Fiverr account which you can visit here:


If you have are in need of any illustration work, drawings or artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to a lot of stuff and can really use the help. Even if you don't, just sharing this anywhere (friends, Newgrounds, Twitter, Facebook, etc) would take 10 seconds of your time and could help me tenfold. I hate asking for this kind of stuff, but it really does help.




I am currently also improving my character animation, especially in After Effects. Considering how many companies love that nice, inoffensive, bland, corporate and flat style of animation, I am currently working on making that creation process run faster. This is how I made my Pico Day animation loop, as well as my latest movie (Based on redlettermedia's parody podcast Nerd Crew)

However, I'm also doing some character animation in Adobe Animate with FBF animation, in order to not lose my own sanity. Again, if you need any animation loops done, feel free to let me know. If I'm practicing, might as well help someone in the process.



That's the basic gist of the situation. I would like to thank Newgrounds in general for being such a fantastic environment and even in this situation, I wouldn't dream of not supporting it. I hope you all have an amazing day and hope that my next News Post won't be literally a year later and with a bit more of a positive message.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!


@ornery , @turkeyonastick , @radiodark and @jackdcurleo are ready and erect for Pico Day, and so am I. TOAS already shared awkward hugs with Tom, jack kicked me in the leg and ornery is getting excited about the upcoming underwater drowning fetish art fad. Dark is asking questions.

Seeya all tomorrow!


Steamy Streaming "Sketcharama" -Be Back Tomorrow-

2015-09-26 19:25:43 by test-object

Hey, you're not doing anything interesting right now, right?

Join me on the Sketcharama stream and watch the design a game through sketching!


-Be Back Tomorrow!


"Airscape - The Fall of Gravity" out now on Steam!

2015-08-11 13:12:43 by test-object

Hey you,

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is available on Steam. Buy it now.

Peace out.


"Airscape - The Fall of Gravity" coming to Steam

2015-07-23 12:02:30 by test-object

1717894_143766716172_oldman.pngI remember the old days! When camerawork was basic. All you had to do was sit on a camera slider, going left to right, following that gentle sir Mario or the Contra brothers through the scenery.

True, there WERE some odd situations. I vividly remember keeping the helicopter at a steady pace in order to track Paperboy, as well as our joint ventures with NASA to develop camera technologies to track the space ships in shoot'm'ups during the 80s. But that is what made us big shots. The big name in the golden age of the industry. The cameramen of videogames. State of the Art.

Then suddenly game developers wanted things more "complex". Suddenly they all wanted camera's "in the field". We had to equip our brave men and women with survival gear to follow Lara Croft, send them IN the battlefield  and record murder, brutality and prostitution for those Grand Theft Auto snuff games. I have seen technology evolve, I've met insane developers with grand (and sometimes highly unethical) visions. I was at one point sure that those Galaxy games would be the end of me... But then THIS happened.




Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is an action platformer where you play an octopus who can defy gravity in this galaxy for no inherent reason. You are out to save your friends using nothing but your reflexes in this grand adventure using tight controls and amazing level design. Despite its cutesy look, this game is hard as nails but never unfair.

Programming by Daniel West
Art by Claudia Starke
Music by samulis
Animation advice and Additional art from test-object

Visit the official website here.



2015-05-30 17:50:48 by test-object

Today, we start animating for NATA! Join me on the Sketcharama stream now to watch the project develop!

Also, join the Music Inspired Art contest as well as the NG 20th Anniversary Art collab



Sketcharama - COME BACK LATER -

2015-03-25 17:05:09 by test-object

Today on Sketcharama, we will be working on a sketch provided by none other than Nerubian sex goddess @Lintire!

Stream postponed until tomorrow due to chronic bed shortage.



Sketcharama Stream Requests Here.

2015-03-13 16:36:06 by test-object


You want to request me to draw something during sketching? Or perhaps you need some background noise? Keep an eye open for the News Posts and join the Sketcharama Stream whenever I mention it's broadcasting in the title. 

Feel free to post requests for sketches in the comments below!



Δ The Illuminati need Artists Δ

2014-12-09 19:27:56 by test-object




You have been chosen to become one of ours. No more veils, no more curtains. We are Illuminati and we ask you to join our cause. Our Lady Gaga venues have been immensely profitable, but now, we need the next Great Artist to aid us in our common goal; establishing ownership of Christmas!

It is none of your concern what we wish to do with it as of right now, but rest assured, you will benefit greatly once you helped our common goal. What we need from your potential is simple;


Draw a Christmas card and hide an All-Seeing-Eye in it


That is it. How does it work, you ask?

All these chimpheads in the world never stop to THINK about the Christmas cards they receive. They hang them up, right next to the tree for everyone to see. Emitting subliminal messages without any of them noticing. Artists aren't cheap though, so we came to Newgrounds for it being one of our beacons of creativity. Join us in this masterplan and Grand Master Space Lizard Bama will look upon you with great pleasure.

-The No-one. 


2014-06-22 20:50:44 by test-object

I've been inactive for way too long of a time because of my master's.

Expect a lot new content, coming from me very soon.