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Loved joining in this collab, and making part of this amazing group of talented animators <3


Whenever these types of "How to be a popular animator on Youtube / Newgrounds" videos are made (which are so stale, they might as well be a genre at this point), I expect some sort of harsh criticism of the animation scene as a whole.

None of your cynicism was valid, however, since you do the exact things you consider talentless. The video itself was practically a stick figure slideshow with memes, so you don't really come across remotely credible. Not only that, but the most popular animations on Youtube are in fact original content with a lot of talent behind them, nothing like you described.

I understand this animation is to be considered a simple joke and not actual guidelines, but I suggest in the future to not parrot cynical viewpoints until you actually understand where they come from.

KablooshProductions responds:

First of all, Jello did the exact same thing you described with your comment. BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE ART OR HOW IT LOOKS LIKE A "SLIDESHOW"! All of Jello's characters were basically stick figures, all of it was ALSO a slide show, and some of his jokes were not that funny. So why would you complain about this video? There's a MILLION videos out there that did the exact same thing, and no one complains about anything, even the art. A guy named "Tamago2474" copied of Jello and everyone loved his video.

So where's YOUR sense of humor? I bet you can draw or make a SINGLE good joke.

The joke is that he has Alzheimers and he's a cop.

There, now you don't need to watch the animation.

ToonHole responds:

I wish you would've written this before I started so I wouldn't have had to animate it.

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I am currently entirely nude, so yes, I am appropriately dressed.

Great job to everyone who made something for the collab and the organizers for putting this behemoth of a flash together!

This game is more clever than the review score makes it out to be. It requires a different sort of thinking than your usual tower climber. The swapping I found is mainly a final resort and I think you made many people confused in that regard. However, those with the patience to keep on playing will find an extremely interesting learning curve that's more about planning than reflexes.

The main problem is that this game is extremely unforgiving. I don't know if I can really blame clunky controls since the gameplay sort of leans on that, but the way you can't touch a block by a single pixel simply makes this too brutal of an experience. Finally, shoutout to the Options Menu. It's actually rather fun messing with the patterns. Could be something you might want to implement in future games :)

5 cause who gives a fuck about number ratings.

I've never seen Point'n'Click games as actual 'games'. They are closer to comic books than they are to testing reflexes or puzzling abilities. The interactivity is limited by core design. In this case, that aspect was very noticable.

Whilst I can tell there has been put a lot of work put in the backgrounds, that's all what this game really had to offer and it's a shame I can barely see them since everything is so small. This was a game that would have benefited from fullscreen immensely, so it can really swallow up the player in the ambience.

This also ended up being a big bump in the gameplay; I spent most of my time not knowing what I was searching for, and it turned out all I needed was the tiny handcuffs I missed tucked away in the background. Eventually finding them was hardly fulfilling as it was exhausting and unfair. The dialogue was decent and funny at parts, but voice acting might have been a better option to bring some extra character into this world dominated by the pretty drawings. A slight technical detail: the slow mouse movement was a tad annoying. If it were part of the gameplay I'd excuse it, but as it stands, it's another small 'nuisance' on the pile.

Finally, there were a lot of unused rooms, art assets and inventory space that led me to believe this game wasn't entirely finished yet. It lacks clever puzzles to be a smart game, or the intricate story to make an intriguing 'interactive comicbook'. The backgrounds and character designs were very nicely drawn though, I'll give it that,

Hope this helped :)

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The little motion rebounds after each transformation are excellently used, and addition of the backgrounds are just the cherry on top. Thanks so much for joining the flood!

Super happy you joined as well, regardless of the bad timing!
It's one mighty fine beast, and one hell of a scurvy captain on top.

SourCherryJack responds:

I was gonna wait until I had time to think out a response, but I’m drunk NOW and thank you for the kind words Test, I love you and look forward to more collabs and hanging with you for the brief time we did was great stuff and hopefully we’ll be chillin soon!

Great interpretation of the theme! It gets trippier the longer I look at it :D
Some green reflections on the surrounding areas might help emphasize the vibe, giving each layer its own depth ;)

Luwano responds:

Thank you! Yeah I could / should have done more with highlights and funky greens, but that’s the price of procrastination. Also pondered some motion blur closer to the warp edge, but it obscured too much.

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